Wherever you live, wherever you're from - all around the world in big cities and in small towns - you can find a Firehouse.
Some are occupied full time, others not so much. Whatever you call it - a station, hall or house - it’s essentially a home. 

At Firehouse Clothing Company we know a few things about firefighters because we are firefighters.  
Our Firehouse is in the heart of downtown Toronto and was built to replace the original hall from 1871. 
It was reopened off Yonge St. in 1926 and is still in operation today and is one of the busiest halls in Canada.
It's a place where your co-workers become family. A family that is made up of people who have a genuine desire to help others,
who love their jobs and have a proud tradition of service symbolized in the bricks and mortar of the Firehouse in their community.

Whether you're looking for one of our signature designs or would like something customized to show the pride you have in your
own hall, we have unique quality clothing made in Canada for you.